Why You Need to Keep Airsoft Gun Parts on Hand?


It should go without saying that you need to keep airsoft gun parts on hand, and plenty of them at that. However, if you must have a justification for it, consider the points made in this article.

For one thing, although airsoft guns don’t burn propellant, some of them do use gases like CO2 and Green Gas. Some of these gases are fortified with lubricant to improve the cycling speed and smoothness of the airsoft guns, over time, things can get stuck in the moving parts of an airsoft gun.

This will gum up the works and cause things to wear out. When things get gummed up or wear out, they break, and when they break, they need to be replaced. There’s reason one: airsoft guns have moving parts that will occasionally need to be replaced. Without having airsoft gun parts on hand, you’ll have a nice looking toy until you can make the replacement.

Continuing, you need to have parts on hand in order to make upgrades. Even if it isn’t for the value of being able to make a quick replacement or repair, if you want your airsoft gun to function better (however that might be, with a new slide, barrel, or trigger) you won’t be able to make the change without the right parts. That’s more of a reason to get airsoft parts than to keep them on hand but it all goes back to the same thing. 

Also, if you want to customize or personalize your airsoft gun, you’ll need parts and accessories for that. Without them, you just have a standard-issue piece of equipment from KWA or Elite Force or what have you. They’re cool, but they’re cooler when you make them what you want them to be.

Speaking of accessories, not also airsoft gun parts are “parts” in the traditional sense of the word. Consider the use of an AEG which uses a battery and electricity instead of gas as a propellant. You wouldn’t take a GBB into a match without a spare gas canister, so why would you take an AEG into a match without another fully charged battery as a backup. 

You wouldn’t, which is the point. In this sense, an airsoft battery fills the role both of a part and an accessory. By the way, you need to keep a spare on hand in order to have a second charged battery before you go into a match, so see above: why you need to keep airsoft gun parts on hand.

Naturally, you’ll also want to keep internal parts on hand for the obvious reasons touched on throughout this article. Basically, whenever anything breaks, you’ll wish you had something on hand to fix it. Not that internals break frequently, but when they go, they go, just like on anything else.

Also, keeping parts on hand and making your own repairs, upgrades and customizations will also make you more intimately familiar with the workings of your equipment, which will only make you more effective in a match. Take it for what you will, but it’s sort of a “know yourself and your enemy” type of argument. 

That brings you to the practical matter of actually getting parts and accessories for your airsoft guns. That’s also the easy part. Visit MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com. They have a ton of airsoft parts and accessories; basically, anything you could need, you’re covered by a low price guarantee, you get flat rate shipping on all orders and as an added bonus, and some qualifying orders even get free shipping. 

Check out their website today, and if you still need convincing to get airsoft parts, call them at 800-581-6620 – they’ll fill you in. 


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