Why should you get heritage doors?


What comes to your mind when you hear someone say, “Heritage doors”? 

If old fashioned timber springs to your mind, then prepare yourself to be surprised!

Composition of heritage doors

Heritage doors are a brand new breed of high-end “Timber Alternative” doors. Since heritage doors are timber alternatives, they look quite similar to real timber and not just because of the applied grain effect, but also because of other carefully designed characteristics. These unique features range from monkey tail handles to authentic Georgian bars.

Heritage doors are composed of a hybrid timbre, that looks classic by appearance and offers great benefits to its consumer. By allowing its customers to design their heritage back and heritage front door, Door Centre offers them the best of both worlds because these doors replicate the appearance of traditional joinery by using modern techniques.

To put it simply, the engineers took all the desirable qualities customers are looking for in a door and created an all-rounder product i.e. Heritage doors. Unlike most stylish looking doors, the heritage doors require very less maintenance and offer high energy-saving benefits. Furthermore, they are also weather-resistant and offer excellent thermal insulation as well. That is why replacing your traditional door with our just-traditional-looking door will keep your home safe against cold and every kind of intrusion.  

Heritage doors suit any style of home

Our heritage doors are ideal to not only amplify the grandeur of classical properties but can also add charm to your modern or contemporary living space.

At Door Centre, we are keen to enhance the classic appearance or contemporary hardware of your doors and windows. Therefore,  we incorporate a great variety of traditional and modern pieces that are specifically chosen by you. You can also add Georgian bars and decorative glazing on heritage doors to either intensify its classical appearance or modernise it.

We also make heritage doors in a variety of wood finishes that include natural and oak and many other colours to compliment the theme of your house. Moreover, because of the exceptional material of our door, you won’t find it necessary to constantly paint them again and again. Our heritage doors will look as great as the day they were installed for many years. 

Our heritage doors are offered in a variety of colours so that makes our home become the attraction and the envy of your street. To make sure your door fits perfectly to the design and theme of your home, we let you choose any colour and design, so be it traditional white or wood effect finish, you will get it made.

Excellent Timber effect

With the high-quality of our timber-style doors, nobody will be able to identify any difference between a wooden door and the heritage doors you would install. This is because of the excellent attention to detail, which has been paid during the manufacturing process to ideally replicate the texture and appearance of authentic wood. 

Highly-secured and efficient 

Besides everything, the PVCu is the United Kingdom’s most popular material for doors because it is maintenance-free and is engineered to give thermal insulation.  This will keep your home warm during the crispiest winters of the UK and will also ensure that your door keeps looking during the unfavourable atmosphere. 

After installing our heritage doors, you will be pleased to notice how more comfortable and cosy your house and room will feel all year long.  The innovative technology of PVCu doors makes use of multi-layered design, to ensure no heat tries to escape through your living space. 

The perfect solution for conservation areas 

Since our heritage doors have indistinguishable timber appearance, they have been approved for the use in many conservation areas of Wales and England.  The graceful imitation of our doors makes them seamless with the appearance of older houses, even if there are stringent building regulations on home improvements. Therefore, if you are somebody who is on the lookout for a door solution that offers the grace of timber, but also wants to enjoy the perks of modern PVCu, our heritage doors present one solution.  

It is a commonly held misconception that properties that come under the conservation areas are not permitted to install Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVCu) doors and windows.  Therefore, if you live in the conservation areas of England and Wales, your rights of permitted development are not affected at all. However, within the conservation areas of England, you should only replace your doors and windows with ones that are designed to resemble the ones that were originally installed in the property. 


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