why it matters that teens are reading less answers

why it matters that teens are reading less answers 803
why it matters that teens are reading less answers 803

Many people are wondering why it matters that teens are reading less. It is important to understand the importance of literacy in our society, and what consequences come with a lack of reading skills. In this blog post, we will explore some reasons why many teens don’t read.

* The #GoneGirl phenomenon: A lot of teens read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, but it was not a book that had been traditionally marketed to them. Once they finished the novel, many didn’t know where else to turn for compelling reading material since so few other books are marketed towards this demographic.

* Lack of interest in school assignments: Some students feel as though their classes don’t require much effort or aren’t challenging enough; therefore most would rather spend time on social media instead of working on an assignment In 2014, only 30% “strongly agreed” with the statement that homework is helpful (NCES). Since 2013, there have been numerous articles and studies about how excessive screen time can lead to lower grades and difficulties concentrating, which could explain the correlation.

* Lack of guidance: There is a lack of books marketed towards teens that are easily accessible in libraries or bookstores. It may be difficult to find these types of novels without consulting librarians for assistance because they’re not easy to identify from their cover art Teens can’t rely on an adult as much anymore-most literature journals have shifted toward publishing articles about graduate students instead of undergraduates so it’s more difficult for high schoolers to get published in this way.

* Increased competition for attention: The internet has made things like social media, video games, binge watching Netflix shows among other activities increasingly popular among teens; therefore reading might become less important than consuming other media content.

* Decreased perceived need for literacy: There’s a perception that the world is becoming more automated and so there isn’t as much of a need to have high levels of literacy skills in order to excel in school or work projects. This means teens might be less likely to spend time reading because they don’t feel like it will affect their academic performance at all. *Increased emphasis on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics): Teens are starting earlier and earlier with these types of classes which means many schools may not offer courses outside this category-this leaves little room for students who want to pursue humanities type classes during their experience at school but still wants to find success later on in life.

* Poor academic performance: it’s been found that poor academic performance can be linked to a lack of reading.

* Lack of interest in subjects other than STEM: teens are more likely to consider only fields with high levels of technology and science involved as viable options for post-high school work, which leaves them less time for humanities courses or anything else outside their interests.”

This blog is intended to convince people from an unbiased perspective why it matters that teenagers aren’t reading. This information has sparked many debates about if this problem will continue into the future and how society might change without readers taking part. One argument against this idea is that since the world is becoming automated there isn’t really any need for literacy skills after elementary schooling anymore so teens don’t have