why is sao hated

why is sao hated 1110
why is sao hated 1110

Why is Sword Art Online hated? I’m sure you’ve seen the posts on Facebook, Tumblr or Reddit. You might have even asked yourself why people hate SAO so much. What could be wrong with a show that has great animation, character development and an exciting story line? The answer may surprise you! In this post we will explore why many people don’t like SAO and what they believe shows like it need to do in order to keep them entertained.

Too much exposition: The action takes a backseat to the dialogue. There’s too many monologues or conversations that don’t lead anywhere and it feels like some of them just happen because they need to fill in time rather than provide any meaningful development for the characters, story, etc.

No stakes: The characters in SAO have no consequences for their actions. If they fail a boss fight, it’s just because the story demands that they do so and there is never any sense of danger or concern for them as people. Why should we be invested?

Lack of realism: The concept is not grounded in any type of reality. We need to see the characters struggle against adversity and have it be believable enough for us as an audience to invest our time into them knowing that they can get through this even though there are many trials ahead. It’s just too easy for them all, making these action scenes feel like filler rather than anything with meaning or consequence.

The author of this blog post is not a fan of the anime Sword Art Online.

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I’m not the biggest fan of SAO but this is a pretty good post.

There are some points that I agree with, especially about being invested in the characters more and the action scenes feeling like filler instead of meaning or consequence.

My main disagreement would be with their opinion on realism because it’s so difficult to create an anime without any grounding in reality whatsoever that can still have enough success to continue getting viewers from season to season. Still though, they do make interesting points and I liked reading their blog post!

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I’m not the biggest fan of SAO but this is a pretty good post. I can see where they’re coming from about being invested in