why is he so mean to me

why is he so mean to me 1014
why is he so mean to me 1014

I don’t know why he is so mean to me. He has been a thorn in my side since day one, and I can’t understand why. The thing that confuses me the most is how people react when they see us together. They always ask him “How are you doing?” or “What’s going on with you these days?”, but never ask me anything except for what I’m wearing! I feel like he only talks to me when it benefits him, which makes no sense because we’re supposed be friends.

Audience: girls and boys who are seeking advice on how to deal with mean friends.

 he why do known’t is so mean to me. I do everything for him, but the only thing he ever does for me is yell at me. He’s always tearing down my self-esteem and telling me that there are things wrong with how I look or who I am as a person. It hurts so much when he says these terrible things because it feels like they’re what everyone else thinks about me too. Even though no one has said anything bad directly to my face…they probably all think this way of myself deep down inside anyway, just like he does!

But now we have kids together (which also makes our disagreements more difficult) and his anger scares the so sometimes I’ll go along with whatever

he says, just to keep him from yelling at me. But it hurts my feelings when I see them cowering in fear of their own father and then I think about how much he’s been hurting me for a long time now too.

How can I stand up to him? What should I do if this is happening with your friends?

What you need to remember is that YOU are the one who people rely on for emotional support, validation- not your friend! You have worth as an individual person outside of what anyone else thinks or says about you so don’t let them define you by letting their words hurt your self esteem. If they’re being mean (which isn’t ok) find someone or something else that will

love and validate you.

If this is happening with your family member, be careful to not get too caught up in the drama- it’s not worth letting yourself be hurt by their words even if they are hurting themselves as well. You need a plan of action that will let you confront them while keeping things from escalating into more violence or harsh language. One tactic might be to stay calm, ask how he feels about what he said (or did) and offer him advice on better ways of dealing with those feelings without hurting others! Even though confronting someone who hurts us can feel scary sometimes, remember that YOU have every right to stand up for yourself no matter what!!!

Why is he so mean? Why does my dad always yell at me?

I have a family member who is often mean to me. I don’t know why he’s so mean, but it hurts my feelings and sometimes makes me angry or sad.

A lot of the time this happens when we’re in public together- like at the grocery store (where I’ll try to make conversation with him), or even just walking down the street while we talk on our phones. It doesn’t seem intentional, but most people would say “hello” if they were talking on their phone! He never says anything back. When he yells at me though, that does feel intentional because there are other times where he seems very kind and loving towards others.”

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