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Why Him? Blu Ray is the latest comedy from director John Hamburg (Along Came Polly, I Love You Man). The film stars James Franco as a successful Silicon Valley executive whose life takes an unexpected turn when he meets his father’s new friend.

James Franco is at his best in this hilarious and heartfelt movie.

This comedy will have you laughing out loud and cheering for him!

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Why Him? Blu Ray is one of the best Christmas movies to watch during this time. This movie was just released on DVD and blu ray, so it’s a perfect gift for friends or family members who love comedy films! The film stars James Franco as an internet billionaire named Laird Mayhew that falls in love with Bryan Cranston’s daughter (Zoey Deutch) after meeting her at his dad’s wedding. His old college friend Ned (Bryan Cranston), also attends said wedding and finds out about him hooking up with Zoey when he sees them kissing on their first date together, which leads Ned to have a big meltdown over why Laird has only been good enough for pretty women like Kate (Zoey Deutch). Ned is a college professor who also has an issue with why he’s never been able to find love.

This movie had me in stitches the whole time because it’s very funny, but I can see how others might not enjoy this film as much if they don’t like comedies or Christmas movies. If you do happen to fall into that category, then Why Him? Blu Ray may be the perfect gift for you! The comedy/drama will leave you smiling and laughing all throughout the two hour runtime, and there are some eye-opening truths about relationships involved within its story too. It was such a pleasure watching Franco make his big screen debut by playing Laird Mayhew during one of the funniest films of the year, and I can’t wait to watch Why Him? Blu Ray again!

Why Him? is a perfect comedy that will keep you in stitches from beginning to end. The story follows Ned (Bryan Cranston) who lives an ordinary life as a professor until he starts dating the beautiful Kate (Zoey Deutch). Suddenly his daughter Stephanie (Isla Fisher) tells him she’s engaged, but when everything finally comes together for them with her wedding plans quickly approaching-she drops a bomb on him by revealing Laird Mayhew has popped up out of nowhere and taken control over every decision. He doesn’t know what sort of person this guy really is or why he would want anything at all to

Why Him? Blu Ray is an entertaining and awkward movie. The actors are very believable in their roles, especially James Franco as Laird Mayhew. Franco’s role was a little more over the top than it needed to be, but he still delivered on his comedic elements and had great chemistry with Kaley Cuoco who played protagonist Megan Tandy.

This film gets better with every viewing because you can see all of the subtleties that went into making this comedy work so well like why Laird has no problem taking naked pictures for everyone or why they’re always drunk at dinner or how each character was carefully crafted to have distinct personality traits which made them all hilarious when together. It seems like there isn