why florida sucks

why florida sucks 643
why florida sucks 643

Florida is the perfect place to live for many reasons. It has beautiful weather, an amazing natural environment, and all of the attractions that you could ever want! In this blog post we will talk about some of those reasons why Florida is a great place to be a Floridian.

Florida has a wide variety of weather that will allow people to live comfortably for most of the year. The average high temperature in January is 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and 84 degrees Fahrenheit in July! Florida also has an abundance of natural beauty with beautiful beaches, swamps and forests. There are also many attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort which offer great family fun all year round!

A Few More Reasons Why Florida Is Great:

The cost of living is much cheaper than other states because there’s no income tax (except Miami) so you have more money to spend on what matters like groceries or rent.

One downside when it comes to buying homes though, prices can be lower compared to some cities but home values are higher.

There are tons of different types of plants and animals that call Florida home, including the manatee!

Florida also has a great public school system with over 53% graduation rate for high schools in 2016 which is much better than the national average.

As long as you’re not looking to retire during winter time then Florida can be perfect spot because it’s way less deadly cold than other states like Minnesota or Vermont where the temperature averages around 20 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

The ocean water near Miami is actually warm enough to swim in from November through March so even if summertime temperatures get too hot there’s still plenty of water related fun to take part in.

One thing that people might not know about Florida is that it’s the only state in America where you can legally drink and drive.

Florida has a tropical climate all year round with an average temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit which means there are less extremes between seasons making life easier for people who suffer from hay fever or migraines.

It also doesn’t have to be cold during winter time so you don’t need tons of clothing layers like other states may require, plus no ice storms!

There are plenty of methods to explore nature whether by hiking, biking, kayaking or even horseback riding around some beautiful beaches thanks to its close proximity with the ocean shoreline.

And if water sports aren’t your thing then there’s still tons of things to do like going on a swamp buggy tour, or playing golf in one of its many world-class courses.

Florida has lots of attractions for people from all walks of life with plenty of options no matter what your interests are. There’s an endless amount that you could and can experience year round which is why it’s the perfect place!

So come down to Florida, where everyday feels like Christmas!”

Why Florida is the Perfect Place to be a Floridian

Description: blog about florida being great in every way possible. promote state tourism agencies campaign slogan “I’m going on vacation cuz I live here” and give reasons why one would want to live there permanently or visit often while also mentioning other states’ shortcomings (like icy winters