why do people like ntr

why do people like ntr 1051
why do people like ntr 1051

NTR is an acronym for “No title, really.” It’s a site that allows people to post anonymously without fear of retribution. The website was created in response to the growing number of suicides from cyberbullying and other forms of harassment on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People are drawn to NTR because it gives them a platform where they can say what they want without being judged or ridiculed.

The website is also an outlet for people who have a lot of pent up anger. They don’t necessarily want to hurt themselves, but they do want to let out all the unkind thoughts that are going through their head because they can’t get them out any other way. NTR gives these people a place where they know they won’t be judged and it helps them release some of the frustrations in their lives.


People like NTR because it’s a non-linear visual novel that allows players to customize the story. The player can choose how they want to play with what ending they want, and see all of their choices at the end of each chapter. It is also sold as different episodes so people don’t have to buy one big game if they only enjoy some parts of it or already own them on another platform.

“NTR”: Short for “Negligee: Love Stories”. An adult video game in which you can engage in romantic encounters with numerous characters, but must make difficult decisions along the way about your success within society and relationships with family members

Non linear visual novel – A narrative where various images are shown

NTR has been successful because it offers anonymity which is very appealing at this time when privacy no longer exists online or offline. It appeals to those who feel like nobody cares about what’s happening in their life and need somewhere else to vent without fear of retribution from anyone except for maybe someone on NTR as well. The downside though is that the people can’t find closure, they just end up getting more frustrated with themselves as time goes by since not only does nothing change, but they are also reminded all day long every day of why they’ve felt so angry inside for such a long time now. They get stuck in this negative feedback loop where everything just makes them angrier and angrier–NTR doesn’t offer any way to get out of that loop.

The problem with NTR is that it was created in the first place to work as a way for people who felt like they had no other ways left, even though there are plenty of other methods now available–NTR just isn’t one of them. That’s why those on this type of website don’t know how to feel or what to do about their feelings because everything feels so futile and pointless at this point since nothing has changed despite all these efforts put into making life better. The anger can never go away completely but when it comes back after being repressed again, it’ll be worse then before because the person will have let themselves hope again and will continue getting hurt over and over which won’t get any better.