why can’t i hold all these feels

why cant i hold all these feels 611
why cant i hold all these feels 611

There are times when you just can’t hold all the feels. Whether it’s because your favorite sports team lost in the playoffs, or you found out that someone close to you passed away, sometimes we feel too much and there’s no way for us to contain our emotions. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic event either – some days we just feel really sad or angry about something entirely inconsequential. This blog post is for those of us who need a little help understanding how to cope with all these feelings!

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This blog post is for those of us who need a little help understanding how to cope with all these feelings!

The first thing you should do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions is take care of yourself. This can look different things depending on the person and what they need, but in general it involves being kind to yourself and giving yourself the space you need.

You should also try not to take on too much responsibility for your feelings – sometimes we feel all these things because of something that happened, but other times it has nothing at all to do with someone or something else! You’re allowed to step back from whatever’s happening in your life if you need some time alone or want a break from dealing with difficult people.

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What was this blog post about? This blog post talks about what happens when we experience emotions that are so intense they can’t be contained and how we might cope better next time. The first thing one could do would be taking care of themselves and getting some space.

What have you learnt? We’ve learned that there will be times when we feel so many emotions at the same time they can’t all be contained, even though it’s not always necessary to do so. If this happens, one should take care of themselves and find a way to keep their feelings under control until they’re able to manage them better.

How did this blog post make you feel about yourself? It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself by taking care of my own needs as well as reading blogs with valuable information such as this one!

We learn how important self-care is in order to properly deal with our intense emotions before they get out of hand. One way would be to find a way to redirect their attention in order to distract themselves from the emotional overload. Sometimes this can be done by playing an instrument, watching TV, or talking with friends and family members until it feels like they have had enough space for themself.

This is also a reminder that we should let go of any negative emotions we may feel at times because sometimes these feelings come up without us realizing what’s happening and before long there are too many things weighing on our mind so much that it becomes difficult not only for ourselves but those around us as well.

The most important thing I learned is how we need balance between taking care of others and making sure we’re getting nurtured properly beforehand- especially when managing such intense feelings all at