why can’t i follow someone on tumblr

why cant i follow someone on tumblr 615
why cant i follow someone on tumblr 615

I’ve been on Tumblr for a few years now and I’ve noticed something. It’s really hard to find blogs that you like because it seems like there are so many people on the site but not enough of them have blogs that I actually care about. So why can’t I follow someone on tumblr? What is wrong with me? Why do other people seem to have more luck than me finding interesting things?

Here’s the deal, if I follow someone it means that they have to be less than 200 followers because I don’t want them following me back. But then what is the point of following people in general? It seems like a waste of time and effort on my part and just another way for Tumblr to make money off their app by milking this social network dry.

I think one reason why there are so many blogs out there but not enough good ones is because Tumblr has too many users with nothing interesting to say or share. If you’re going to keep your blog up on tumblr at least put some work into it! Do something different instead of putting yet more pictures from Harry Potter movies as your profile picture every day!

If I want to follow someone, why can’t there be a button that says “follow”? Why does it have to be more complicated than the rest of Tumblr? This is supposed to be social media and yet no one on here knows how or wants to interact with others. It’s like we’re in this big cage where everyone just sits around waiting for their turn at attention but they don’t care about anyone else. We all know what really matters though: likes and reblogs! Who cares if you get followers when you could have an endless stream of people telling you your blog post was awesome?!

I’m sorry tumblr user, I can’t follow people because then YOU would have me following YOU back too….and I don’t want to do that.

As you may know, Tumblr is the place where anything goes and some of it’s good stuff! A few weeks ago a blog post went viral about why they couldn’t follow someone on Tumblr and by the end there were over 40 comments showing their agreement with this person. This article has sparked many conversations which we think are worth sharing in hopes of starting more dialogue within our community: “why can’t i follow someone on tumblr”.

I’ve been following you for literally a week and I feel like we might be destined to meet.

You don’t know me but I think you are really cute and your profile pic is so good that it makes me want to unblock my exes on Facebook in order to talk shit about them behind their back because there’s nothing more satisfying than passive aggressive commentary.

But then again this could just be another one of those things where the internet tells us we’re perfect strangers even when we live closest together, or worse yet right next door– not sure why they never seem to tell us how close we are before they have us tearing our hair out over someone who can’t remember what color eyes