What Is CBD Tincture And 7 Tips On How To Use Them

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CBD tinctures are rapidly growing in popularity among cannabis users. Of the many forms of the cannabinoid, such as vapes, concentrates, and edibles, tinctures particularly seem to appeal to both new and experienced users who enjoy the simplicity of this product. But what exactly is CBD tincture? Well, let us understand this product in detail. 

What Is CBD Tincture?

CBD tincture is the end product of the extraction of cannabis extracts using alcohol as the medium. The formulation contains high percentage of alcohol and carries the essential cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from the raw extracts. Alcohol serves both as an ingredient and solvant in a tincture that is the main aspect of differentiation from cannabis oils. 

Now that we understand CBD tinctures, let us visit seven important tips talking about the usage and storage of the product. 

1. Go Whole Plant 

As much as possible, choose whole plant CBD extract tinctures rather than isolates. Whole-plant extracts, also known as full-spectrum CBD products, contain the complete cannabinoid and terpene profile, including THC. It enhances the therapeutic benefits possible from using the product. These products deliver wonderful and wholesome benefits through the entourage effect that might be somewhat challenging in the case of isolates. 

But remember to choose the right cannabinoid ratio as it influences the results. It is typically only possible through trial and error but keep in mind that the appropriate ratio of CBD to THC can be the magic potion that can ease your conditions effectively. If you require more THC than CBD, you can also research how to use THC tincture to treat your ailment and switch to them. 

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2. Choose Product Wisely 

Alcohol extracted tinctures are the most common products in the market as they ensure the infusion of high-quality cannabinoids from plant matter. It promises maximum concentration of these potent compounds and furthers the product’s safety. Other solvents used include coconut oil or glycerin, but the potency may be slightly low.  

Always check the label of tinctures for lab-test certifications and information on extraction before using it. Understand the extraction method used and additional ingredients in the product and why they are present. 

3. Sublingual Usage Is Easy 

Sublingual usage of tinctures is one of the most significant advantages of this CBD-infused product. Sublingual introduction requires placing a few drops of the tincture under the tongue. The process ensures immediate and robust onset of effects within 15 minutes as the cannabinoids directly enter the bloodstream by binding at CB receptors located under the tongue. 

But remember to keep the tincture under the tongue for a few minutes without swallowing to support proper absorption. And as tinctures do not carry a harsh aroma or flavors, it makes holding them under the tongue easy and hassle-free. Individuals suffering from gastrointestinal challenges can choose this method for using CBD over edibles.

4. But Infusions Work As Well 

The versatility of tinctures is what makes it a superior CBD product. While it elegantly supports sublingual use, tinctures can also effortlessly become a part of your kitchen to aid your cannabis journey. 

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A few drops of tincture in salad dressings, juices, smoothies, soups, sherbets, or curries can be a wonderful way to dose the cannabinoid while keeping even the minimal taste it contributes at bay. You can also add it to a warm cup of water and create an instant tea to enjoy.

5. Nursing Mothers Can Pass The Cannabinoid 

If your doctor recommends the use of cannabis for your baby, the tincture can be an effective way to take it to them. While you can rub it directly under their tongue, the nursing mother can also take it and deliver it to the baby through breastfeeding, as the therapeutic compounds tend to pass during the process. 

6. Controlled Dosing 

One of the most valuable aspects of CBD tinctures is that you can explore the vast variety of strains, ratios, and dosages available to pick what suits you best. The best advice is to always begin with smaller dosages and use not more than three to five drops each time. Given the effects set in about fifteen minutes, it will give you a good understanding of how you would like to proceed with the cannabinoid concentrations, strains, and dosage levels. 

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Also, keep in mind that daytime tinctures and nighttime tinctures should not be used interchangeably. Daytime products tend to induce stimulating effects, whereas nighttime tincture helps with relaxation. So go with the recommendation of the best time for use to avoid unexpected side effects. 

7. Proper Storing Is Important 

Caring for your cannabis tincture is a crucial step to ensure it retains its potency and benefits for as long as you use it. Starting from basic hygiene, avoid touching the dropper with your mouth to keep it clear of impurities that could contaminate the product. Do not touch the dropper with bare hands or place it on any unsterilized surface. 

Always store the bottle in a dark, cold place, preferably behind your closet or cupboard. Light is the biggest enemy to CBD life and potency, so keep your bottle safe for effective usage. 


CBD tinctures are a strong and potent form of delivering cannabinoids to the body. Using them the right way can ensure maximum bioavailability, reflecting its ability to show exceptional therapeutic benefits. Keep these essential tips in mind while working with CBD tinctures to receive the best benefits.


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