What Is An RO system? Why Is It Important?


Drinking unhealthy water may put you as well as your family member’s life at risk. It has become essential to purify water from different sources, including groundwater, water from tanks, rainwater, etc. One of the most common systems used to purify water is RO systems. Aquaguard is one of the leading brands in India that manufactures quality RO systems.

What Is An RO System?

An RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifier, as reflected by the name, works on Reverse osmosis’s phenomenon to filter out the salts from water. RO water purifier works with the help of a series of filters and membranes. The RO system manufactured by aquaguard is one of the most delicate systems that ensure that we consume water that is fit for drinking and rich in minerals.

How Does An RO System Work?

RO systems manufactured by aquaguard work on the concept of reverse osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane using high pressure.

Before going through the semi-permeable membrane, the water is processed through a pre filter that removes chlorine and sediments. In the next step, a semi-permeable membrane plays an important role. High pressure is applied on the contaminated side, and water is forced to move to the lower concentration through the membrane’s pores. The filtered water is called permeate, and the wastewater with unwanted salts is called brine. Through this membrane, unwanted micro solids such as arsenic, fluorides, sediments, bacterias, pyrogens, etc. are removed, making the water unfit for drinking. Apart from these filters, most of the RO systems have a carbon filter too. If some impurities pass through the semi-permeable membrane, a carbon filter removes them and makes the water pure. Some other filters that are vital for filtration are also used. Most of the RO systems have a Storage tank as the RO purification system is a little slow. The filtered water fit for use is stored in a tank.

Benefits Of An RO System

  • The wastewater or brine can later be used to clean the sink, floor, etc. This helps in maintaining a healthy environment as the carbon filter absorbs all the chemicals
  • It is one of the most efficient ways to purify water. It is also considered to be sustainable
  • Reverse osmosis also helps in improving the odour and taste of the water. The water processed through it chemical-free and is odourless and tasteless
  • RO systems can be used in schools, offices, homes, parks, etc. These systems are straightforward to install and use
  • RO systems by aquaguard also process water with a balanced Ph level and hence are fit for daily consumption.

How Long Do They Last?

Though the filters and membranes need to be serviced and changed regularly, as a whole the aquaguard systems have a long life span of many years, the filters should be checked and changed periodically in 6 months to 1 year. RO membrane should be replaced every two to three years.Aquaguard RO service is one of the most efficient and sustainable ways of purifying water by reducing wastage. In cities, it becomes essential to filter water where pollution levels are very high. Before choosing a water purifying system, it is essential to go through different RO systems’ purification techniques. Aquaguard ensures that safe drinking water reaches us all by using advanced filtering mechanisms. It has become essential to have RO systems at our homes and our workplaces for our loved ones.


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