Water Purifier: The Key to Healthy Life



Pure and healthy drinking water is everyone’s right. But sadly, in our country, most of us are deprived of this fundamental necessity to live healthily. Our civic authorities are unable to provide us with clean drinking water. That leaves us with no option but to have a water purifier installed at our home and office. Clean drinking water is essential for human growth and mind. In the absence of pure drinking water, our body becomes susceptible to multiple ailments and nutrition deficiencies. In this article, we will discuss water purifier and Water purifier service-related issues. We will also talk about the Pureit service as they are one of the premium brands of water purifiers in our country. 

What Is The Need For Water Purifiers?

As we already have discussed, in our country, especially in urban areas, we have high pollution and overpopulation. Drinking water quality is far below standard. This is the reason in the past decade water purifiers have become so famous among the middle class. Today you will find one water purifier in most of the middle-income families living in cities. Water purifiers come in many shapes and sizes. Based on the technology used and brand value, the prices of household water pufferies vary. If you are planning to purchase one for your family, then consider the below discussed things before investing. 

How Do Water Purifiers Work?

Earlier water purifiers used to be simple and used to purify water up to a small extent. But with the rise of technology and innovation, modern-day water purifiers are using complex scientific techniques to purify water. They can remove impurities from water up to 99.9%. The primary technology that is used in water purifiers is RO or reverse osmosis method. Some have additional UV or ultraviolet protection as well. These are called RO+UV water purifiers. 

In the RO method, water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane with tremendous pressure. This causes the pure water molecules to cross through the other side while most impurities remain behind. Then we have black carbon membranes that absorb many harmful chemicals. In the case of UV filters at the end, water is passed through an ultraviolet ray tube where water is exposed to UV rays, and this kills all the germs and pathogens present. 

The Perfect Water Purifier For You?

For an average household and locality where water quality is not too lousy, RO water purifiers are sufficient. But at places where we have more polluted water coming in. You will need RO with UV water purifiers and other membranes on top of the water purifier for extra filtration in those areas. Based on these factors and your budget, of course, you have to decide which brand and which model is the best one for you. 

Why Are Brand And Service So Important?

The water purifier is one such product that requires a long-term commitment from both consumers and manufacturers. It’s not a live TV or refrigerator where you purchase, install and that’s it. In the case of water purifiers, it’s different. These are maintenance of hungry products and need regular maintenance. Also, they need timely replacement of parts like filters and membranes; otherwise, water quality will dwindle. Since your water purifier’s health is directly proportional to the health of you, you’re family. We should not take it for granted. 

One should purchase AMC services from the brand that covers all the service and replacement related expenses that are supposed to happen in your water purifier’s lifetime. This AMC either has a one-year or two-year period. In the first year of purchase, your services will be free. For consecutive years you will either have to pay for service engineer visits and parts or buy AMC as discussed above. As a first-time buyer if you are confused about all this, then do some research. Look out for customer care contact details of various brands, call them or email them to get details. They can help you with all the costs involved in servicing other than the product price.


So, by this point, we all are well aware of the importance of pure drinking water and the role of water purifiers. We have to conserve this scarce resource by properly utilizing it. We should wisely use the tools like water purifiers to ensure we do not waste them or get ill by consuming low-quality drinking water. Water purifiers other than water quality help in the softening of water if the water is hard in your locality. Also, we should make sure that the after-sales service quality of the brand is good; otherwise, it will be a wastage of your money. Profitable, reliable brands, in addition to the right products, always have sound customer service. Since it’s directly related to our health, we should not compromise on water purifiers’ quality to save money.


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