Tips for creating The Ideal Inspection Checklist for Mystery Shopping


Gone are those days when paperback forms were used by mystery shoppers to follow the protocols. It was quite tough for a shopper to remain discreet and carry on the process. This is where the introduction of mobile inspection software adds huge benefits for companies. They can maintain absolute discretion and let the floor staff treat them as customers only to get a proper result of the mystery shopping process.

Let us take a quick peek into the tips that management experts use to construct a checklist for an inspection form used by these shoppers to generate insightful data.

Tips for creating an inspection checklist

We should know that the outcome and efficiency of a mystery shopping inspection will entirely depend on the efficacy of the inspection checklists generated by the management. A company sets its parameters right and the factors of a checklist are then decided.

Here is what the experts follow and create an effective checklist.

1. Customizing a template

The first step is to check the default template available on a service website. These templates are developed by using the common factors of an industry that companies generally check for. In this aspect, you need to remember that the template should follow your aim for conducting an inspection.

The factors should be set according to your standards so that you can generate insightful information regarding customer service and experience. Track the factors by visualizing a customer’s journey in the business point and choose factors accordingly.

2. Avoid making totally new forms

If you are a newbie in creating an inspection form then go with a template. Understand how the template is designed. Don’t start from scratch as you need to understand the process and then think out of the box.

Borrow templates from the library of an inspection software website and start working on them. It is obvious that one size will not fit all your expectations. Study the format and then customize it according to your need.

3. Format that can be easily changed

Go for a format that can be easily altered if felt necessary. There are exclusive online platforms where forms can be generated by simply using drag-and-drop features. you can also customize form elements and include them to create a digital form.

4. Mobile-friendly

Make sure the form is mobile-friendly so that the checklist can be viewed properly on the screen. Remember you need to make the form easier to handle for a shopper. Apart from the access, the options must be visible properly on the screen. Such forms can also reduce turnaround time and encourages quicker on-boarding of inspection.

To understand these tips, consider restaurant inspection as an example. A shopper will use his mobile to access the form and keep on adding his experience throughout the journey without tipping the staff. The inspection checklist should be clear and concise. It enables the shoppers to input real-time data and gives a 3rd-eye view to understanding customer experience properly for your business’ benefit.


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