TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Software Powerful Features Review.


It has been a long time since TheOneSpy has been consistently serving a large community with its advanced technical plans and outstanding features. Over time, TOS introduced 100 + features to make surveillance activity more convenient.

TheOneSpy is not only superior by its services but also known for its mystery tracking tools. Each of the tools performs a dynamic range of excellent functions that specifically support parental and business monitoring.

We are going to dedicate this article completely to TheOneSpy computer monitoring software features. All features are highly compatible with all computer models and windows. Let you come with us to know the tool’s traits in detail.

  • Surrounding Spying Tool

TheOneSpy has two advanced surrounding spying tools: one is the surrounded listener while the other is the viewer.

Live Camera Streaming feature enables the user to view the surrounding through the targeted PC camera.

A user can also have complete control over the device Mic to listen to live surrounding voices along with visuals.

  • Emails Tracker

When it comes to computer spying, the email feature is essential. It makes your spying complete. PCs are usually used to handle data files and shares through emails.

So, a user can monitor all previous and current sent or received emails with exact timestamps. It prevents kids from sending wrong emails, and an employer can keep an eye on businesses’ emails.

  • Call Log

TOS call log feature allows the user to listen to live calls of Skype or another chatroom. It also records calling activities in short clips and transfers them to the user web portal.

A user can track and restrict unnecessary or harmful calls. The feature also has the functionality to keep the history so the user could check it later on.

  • Live Location Tracker

It is not that easy to trace any device’s live location. But spying software makes it possible. TOs have advanced functionality that tracks the current location of the targeted computer.

In the case of PCs, this feature is not much necessary. If the device takes to the store for repair and is lost, or the thief takes the device, the user will need to track the live map to retrieve their valuable device.

  • Password Chaser

This is a priceless tool for computer monitoring. Usually, a teenager or worker inserts the lock on a device that nobody logs into. This tool detects device locks and a social account, emails, passwords, and apps.

  • Social Media Accounts Messages

Most workers logins to Facebook during duty and start texting colleagues or watching content. Likewise, kids like to do long chats with friend groups.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn are mostly used on PCs. With TOS, you can instantly monitor chats and even stop spammers.

  • On-demand Screenshots

If you see your child downloading porn stuff or visiting unethical sites, you can instantly capture a screenshot with this tool.

Besides that, if you doubt your kid is often repeating the same thing, you can set multiple screenshots taking commands.

  • Live Screen Recorder

Likewise, screenshot taker, it also facilitates huge to the user. If you see your targeted person watching negative content or doing unnecessary things for a long time, you can set the screen recording command.

  • Multimedia

When our devices get full of storage, we transfer multimedia to the PC. It contains all our professional photos, music, audio, videos, and multiple files.

To ensure your data is safe from kids or employees, you can insert an alert on it. When the user or any other person tries to use the multimedia, the user will get an instant update about it.

  • Browsing History Tracking Tool

It gives access to browsing history, which contains all search data. Users can see, search, bookmarked, downloaded, uploaded, and block content by the targeted person.


TOS computer monitoring software is the only spying pack that allows 100% ethical supervision. It only gives legal access to guardians and business owners so they could keep a sharp eye on their kids’ or workers’ activities.You have seen the multiple smart and powerful tracking tools of TOS like windows spy app, mobile tracker app, android spy app, and mac spy app. All are available in different packages at an affordable rate. Don’t wait and just grab the opportunity now.


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