The Surprising Utility of a Personalized Glass Box


Utility might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words, or think the words “personalized glass box” or “personalized glass jewelry box.” The purpose of personalization is often to give a gift that means a little something more than the usual, run of the mill offerings. However, the best gifts are those that serve more than one purpose, and though a personalized gift is heartfelt – that’s in the very nature of the thing – it doesn’t mean you need to leave function on the table when you dress your gift up in form. 

Obviously, a jewelry box makes an amazing gift insomuch as it provides a convenient and pretty place to store and organize jewelry. Whether the intended recipient has a collection of rings and bracelets or leans more towards necklaces in her fancy is no matter – a jewelry box can help with that. 

That matter doesn’t need to be wrung dry. It is obvious how a jewelry box can be used as a jewelry box, but these unique little trinkets offer so much more, especially to the creative or enterprising spirit. 

They can also be used as a sort of staging area or valet tray for valuables or essential items like keys. You can’t use one of them as a coat rack, but you can keep your keys there so that they are always where you need them. A key rack, perhaps – only it isn’t a rack, really. 

You can also use a glass box like a jewelry box as a place to store and organize essential everyday items like wallets, IDs, cash clips, change and so much more. All that clutter that would otherwise be the permanent resident population of a junk drawer can now have hot new real estate in the form of a pretty glass box. 

Even a personalized jewelry box custom made for an occasion or a pleasant keepsake gift trinket box would make a marvelous gift even for something as trivial as organizing mail that has yet to be (or has been) sorted. A glass keepsake box would serve admirably as a staging area for such effects. 

Of course, as stated, enterprising and creative spirits could also have their way with the design and function of a stained glass box with beautiful beveled glass and a hinged lid. You can fill them with little decorations or personal effects and have them serve as a staple of decor or as a tool. Really, there’s very little limit to such creativity.

As you can see, though a personalized glass box is really intended to be given as a gift, at least most of the time, when it comes down to it, they can serve a much more utilitarian purpose. Still, if you’re looking for an engraved jewelry box to give as a gift, you won’t go wrong with the selection at J Devlin Glass Art.

To the people at J Devlin Glass Art, each and every mother’s day gift, graduation gift, and birthday gift is a chance to make a difference in the life of someone special – and everyone is someone special to someone. Check out their website,, or contact them at 844-772-2145 to learn more.


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