super why the big game

super why the big game 929
super why the big game 929

In a room full of toys, one little boy is playing with his toy soldiers. He lines them up in neat rows and shows them off to the other children in the room. One of the girls says “wow! Those are really cool!” The little boy smiles and starts showing her all of his favorite things about each soldier, but she’s not interested. She gets bored pretty quickly and walks away from him.

The little boy feels sad that nobody likes his toys as much as he does so he goes back to playing by himself. But this time, he makes sure they’re all facing outwards so they can see everything happening around them – just like real soldiers would do on a battlefield.

Suddenly, two more kids come over to play with him. They start building a fort out of toy blocks and the little boy is happy for once that his toys get played with by other children in the room. “Super why!” He says excitedly as he helps them build another tower on their block fortress.

“Hey, you’re pretty good at this.” One of the boys tells him and they all take turns playing around with each others’ toys. The little boy looks up from where he’s been putting pieces together and asks: “What about my soldiers? Aren’t they cool?” The girl who walked away earlier comes back over to say she thinks they are really neat too but then her mom calls her so she has to go.

“I’m sorry she had to leave.” The little boy’s friend says as they walk over and join him at his table again. “She was really great with the soldiers too.” He responds, looking down in shame that he won’t be able to finish building them all by himself this time. But before he can get too sad about it, one of the boys shoves a big toy dump truck into his arms and tells him: “Hey! I found you another soldier!” And for some reason, just like when he thought about playing pretend earlier while waiting for someone else to play with him on the playground, something clicks inside of him then – because now he knows what power feels like.

The next day after school, the little boy is back at the table. “I can’t believe he was able to finish them all by himself!” His friend exclaims in a low voice as they walk over and see that not only has the little boy finished building every single soldier into his army (growing more confident with each one he completes), but there are also two new children sitting across from him playing together on their own toys now.

He’s looking triumphant – until another big toy dump truck lands right next to him. It seems like it won’t be too much longer before this giant toy box becomes home for everyone again!

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