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Trick or Treat! Halloween is a time for dressing up in costumes and going door to door in search of candy. Super Why has some tricks and treats that will help you create the perfect costume, find just the right treat to give out on Halloween night, and learn about all of your favorite spooky stories.

Target Audience: family, kids.

Topics Covered in Blog Post: halloween costume ideas, what to have on hand for trick or treaters.

super why villain costumes

make a pumpkin lantern

how to create your own edible Halloween treats

hacky sack tricks and hacks – perfect for spooky gatherings!

Super Why’s Favorite Spooky Stories: Read about all of Super Why’s favorite spooky stories that will teach you the power of words and reading with some fun storytelling tips along the way! Get ready… it’s time to find out who’s hiding behind these scary shadows? Is it an alien invader from space?! A zombie coming back from the grave?!

The Scary Shadow

Little Red Riding Hood’s Trick or Treat Adventure

Zombie in Love

Boo! Bewitchin’ spells and spooky stories.

Super Why Halloween Crafts: Need some last minute decoration inspiration? Check out these super easy crafts that are perfect for your little one to make with you this Halloween season! We have a variety of ideas, so no matter what kind of themed party you’re hosting there is something here for everyone. Make it fun by making decorations together as an activity on the big day itself – we guarantee they’ll love them more than trick or treating anyhwere else 😉

It’s time to celebrate the scari est day of the year with some super fun crafts!

Creepy Paper Plate Eyeballs – perfect for a Halloween party or to hang at your door as decoration (plus they will use up all their leftover paper plates)

Spooky Toilet Roll Monsters – so easy that even young children can do it themselves, but still look pretty cool in the window sill

Monster Jars – make these and hang them around your house for an instant spook fest. A great idea if you’re hosting a little ones only gathering. These are also really effective on tables at parties too, since people love looking into jars

Super Why Costume Tutorial: Super Duper Easy Way to Make Your Own Felt Mask using Printable Pattern

What You’ll Need: Felt, Pencil, Scissors

Step One: Trace the pattern onto your felt using a pencil and cut it out. No need to do any fancy cutting! Just draw around one side of the mask shape on your paper or cardstock (you might want to use some scrap pieces), then flip it over and trace around that line so you can have two identical masks. Cut them both out for super easy sewing later!

Step Two: Draw different facial features on each of your faces with a pen or marker – eyebrows, eyes, mouth etc. This is where kids can get creative in their design as they’re making theirs. With these printables we’ve already drawn all those shapes