sense technology

sense technology 2958
sense technology 2958

The world has come so far in the last century and it’s time to take it one step further. Sense technology is a very new invention that aims to solve the mundane problems of people living on urban streets by providing users with an online platform to submit their complaints, public health issues, or anything else they feel is causing problems. Think about it, if you haven’t heard that before, just think about what you would complain of if you were walking down the street and you come across someone who is either rude or not a nice person in general; this would be the perfect place to complain about it.

After having a child, many mothers give up their independence. They put in for their child’s care and support at work, but find that they don’t get any help regarding the various issues they face. Take a look at the new generation of computers making it so much easier to make sense of things through touch instead of through a few buttons around the screen. With this technology, what we see is what feels natural in our day-to-day life and it makes us feel more connected to our environment. As an added bonus, some parents find that they can use this technology to take better care of their children by creating a digital version of their child’s picture so that they can share it with other parents for a shared experience.


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