Reduce manual work, choose concrete pump hire.


Defining concrete pumps and pumping: 

The basic concept of concrete pumping is a mixture of concrete that comes out of a pump rather than taking it out manually. However, the concrete pumps are more complex than that but they are manufactured to ease the work of a person. These pumps have two piston-fitted cylinders and concrete in the form of liquid is poured into a cone-like hopper in this pump. One out of those two pistons is used to generate air pressure so that liquid concrete can be taken out from the hopper into the cylinder. Simultaneously, the second piston is used to push the taken in concrete liquid from the other side of the pump where a discharge pipe is attached. These pistons work on job rotation. There is also a vale attached to rotate the cylinders for their swapping jobs between the hopper and pipe. That’s all can be done instantly by a concrete pump hire

Kinds of concrete pumps:

Some mostly used types of concrete pump hire are discussed below: 

Mounted on a truck –pump:

Just in accordance with the name, this pump is attached or mounted on the top of a truck or similar vehicle. These pumps are operated by controllers usually in the form of a remote. These pumps are also referred to as boom pumps as it has a machine arm just like that of a robot to place and take out the concrete. These pumps are put into work and used on high-end construction projects which are also huge as they are capable of pouring large amounts of mixed concrete in a single pump and the robotic muscles are also used for repair and maintenance and other electric jobs. 

Stationary trailer –pump: 

These pumps come in attachments in the form of hoses made of either steel, iron or rubber and these are attached on top of a trailer. They are usually used in projects which have small work required and the volume of concrete needed to be pumped is a bit less than that of heavy construction projects. They are also called line pumps as they are attached to the pool and walkway on the roads. 

Specially used –pump:

These pumps are comparatively expensive and are required for customized jobs such as digging tunnels. One example of this specially used pump is the one mounted on the top of the rail. 

Reasons to go for concrete pump hire: 

Distant places: 

There are times when a mixer cannot be brought on the location where the project is being worked on. Usually in residential areas or in mid-city areas. So concrete pumps can be used in such situations. 

No labor access:

Even if one has enough money to pay all the labor to do the pumping, in developed areas like London, finding enough labor is not an easy task especially when it comes to the excessive use of muscle. So, using concrete pumps can be a good alternative. 

Uneven and inaccessible places: 

If the construction site is at a higher place, under the ground, inside of a building, or the earth or ground is uneven and is not easily accessible, a concrete pump hire will help one get an adequate amount of concrete for construction.

Running late on schedules: 

If a project is far behind the optimal time, concrete pumps can be used as a faster alternative for manual works. 

Benefits of concrete pumps: 

The benefits of concrete pumps are discussed below in brevity. These concrete pumps are economical and effective, irrespective of the size and area of the project on which they are needed. 

Reducing the manpower: 

Wheelbarrows are not the talk of the construction town since the concrete pumps arrived. Manually taking concrete to various places on and off the site requires muscles and man power. These quicker, faster alternatives are convenient and not only give rest to the muscles but also lessen the burden of payments as they cost less as compared to labor overhead costs.  

Reduced waste: 

Because the concrete pump hire is precise in pumping out the required concrete, they reduce the wastage. Not only this, they also reduce the wastage of time and energy resources as they are quicker and faster.  


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