Readymade glass cabinets – You surely fall in love with them!


The immense variety of cabinets available right now combined with the customization feature offered by most manufacturers means that you will always find the cabinet you are looking for. And while some people prefer to have their cabinets assembled on-site with different parts or craft it themselves (a little DIY goes a long way), most of us just like to pick out readymade cabinets from a menu. No assembly costs, no time spent building one or tending to the craftsman building it, and no waste lying around the house. Just buy one and have it placed wherever you want.

Coming to the main focus of this article, glass cabinets are most commonly bought readymade (for obvious reasons). Glass cabinets aren’t as versatile when it comes to blending in as their purely glass frame can stand out if the rest of your setup does not constitute an adequate degree of glass in it. However, these cabinets work excellently in kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

Now that we’ve outlined the places where these glass cabinets look best, let us examine why this is the case.

Why All-glass cabinets instead of wooden ones featuring cabinet glass doors?

Primarily, wood can start to decay and wither quite rapidly in areas with a high humidity level such as bathrooms and kitchens. This may cause it to crack in some places and fade in others. Regular polishing can delay these symptoms but that is a hassle in and of itself. So, while wooden cabinets can last for decades in your bedroom, best not place them in a bathroom or kitchen. On the contrary, glass cabinets are immune to both humidity and sunlight (although avoid prolonged exposure to the latter). Place them freely around bathrooms and kitchens so you can always have the items you need at your disposal, handsomely displayed in a cabinet that you can literally see all the way through.

A quick side note here, all-glass cabinets also allow you to scan the contents within quicker as you do not necessarily need to open them to see what lies inside. Just cast a cursory glance to see if what you need is really in there or not-not the case with wooden cabinets where an item could be lying at an angle not visible even through the cabinet glass on the front. 

Consequently, these cabinets make for a better unit in dining rooms as you can not only access your fancy china quicker, but it allows the guests to take in the entirety of your collection which is further glorified by the elegance of the glass cabinet.

Ever seen a wooden cabinet inside a bathroom? There is a good chance you haven’t. The beauty of a wooden piece is directly proportional to its size. The bigger a cabinet, the more it can outshine a glass one. However, bathrooms are compact spaces with little items to store. So not only would there be no space to fit a sizable wooden cabinet, it would be extremely inefficient. Glass cabinets, on the other hand, do not suffer from elegance to size ratio and even a small petite cabinet can increase the class of your décor manifold. Furthermore, glass cabinets provide us with the essential convenience of surveying our collection of shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, razors, toothbrushes, etc. without having to open the doors. This also allows the vibrant and colorful bottles stores inside the cabinet to contribute to the aesthetic diversity of the bathroom. This is because bathrooms can be quite bleak and monotonous (most of them are just plain white with one more color for the tiles); whereas shampoo bottles are rarely white.

Designs and color schemes

After reading the points discussed above, you may think of glass cabinets as simply clear transparent cabinets that are dependent upon the items contained within. We can assure you, it’s not like that. Glass cabinets are more often than not made from colored glass, and supported by LED lights embedded into their design. This means you can improve your setup by adding both functionality and finesse to your décor. Throw in a bit of engraving or V-grooving, and you have a stunning masterpiece that can unify with both contemporary and seasoned decorative styles. Have a look at some fantastic designs to get a better picture of readymade glass cabinets.

A well-balanced interior is one that makes use of both types of cabinets. Take your time to evaluate which one goes where and soon enough, you will have an elegant and lavish interior, all with the addition of well-placed furniture.


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