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green chameleon s9CC2SKySJM unsplash 6

The entire education system and the activities of teaching, learning and examinations have switched to the online space in the last two years. As the pandemic hit and the situation across the world became riskier for all, not only were schools and colleges shut down but also tuition centres, coaching centres and most other places of learning were closed. Schools and colleges and other major educational institutions were soon back on track using learning management systems for the functioning of their office departments and apps and websites that were developed during the time for conducting classes and examinations. The school or college libraries offered access to the e-libraries or e-books that were part of their resources and almost all the activities of such educational institutions were running the same in the online mode as they did in the offline mode. 

Educational institutions like tuition centres and coaching centres had a harder time restarting classes and moving to the online mode as they did not have a very strong backup system to support online functioning and not many students were willing to continue online. This is when private tutoring using online courses and selling online courses for students became more popular. Many tutors and also people who were not from the teaching field benefitted from creating and selling online courses and privately tutoring students for their benefit. 

If you are a teacher or somebody from another field who is looking forward to giving private tuition by creating online courses, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will share with you tips and tricks to create and sell online courses and share your knowledge for the benefit of students across the world. We will also help you in making these courses more interactive and engaging so that more students take up the courses created by you. 

The first and most important thing for people who wish to sell an online course is to find the best online courses platform for themselves. Currently, there is a wide range of platforms that allow you to conduct online classes for different types of courses in both live and video-based modes. Every platform has a different requirement and hence it becomes crucial for the course creator to choose a platform that suits their teaching style and the type of course they wish to create and sell online. After you have found the platform or platforms you wish to sell your courses on, you must make a note about the requirements of the same and what all must be provided from your end. Also, try finding platforms that allow you to do both- create and sell an online course. This will help you find more tools that could be useful in making your course content more interesting, engaging and help the students focus better. 

You will also have a choice in the type of class- live or video-based. You can conduct live classes and give one-to-one attention to the student who has opted for your course or you can record videos and upload them using the online courses platform where the students can themselves access the same or you can live stream a lecture for multiple students using popular streaming services. 

If you are conducting a live class and offering private tutoring using an online courses platform, then you must have a webcam, access to video meeting platforms and a virtual blackboard for taking a class. If you wish to create and sell online courses that are pre-recorded video-based you will have to gather all the content you need to share with the students and arrange the same into videos and study material. If you wish to be present in your videos to add a human touch you can record yourself while taking lectures. If you do not want to be present you can simply create a video with the course content and make it more creative by using the tools that the online platform will provide you. 

Once your videos and study material is ready, you can upload your course on the platform and make it live for being sold to students for their benefit. You can create as many courses as you wish and offer them on a large number of platforms. Your courses can be accessed by students from across the globe and be beneficial for them.


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