The irrational existence of mobile phones is a normal thing these days which now is not even a big thing. Even the places where people are not facilitated with water resources are blessed to have access to mobile phones. Thanks to the thrive mobile companies are having that has made them manufacture such pocket-friendly mobile phones like Oale x2 so that people everywhere in the world could easily have them, Oale Mobiles is one of the brands. In fact, companies are exploring ways to utilize this fact in their favor to have maximum effectiveness. One of the benefits they could have is to explore how these phones could be used in data collection on a massive scale in every domain whether the education sector or business sector.

Over the centuries, not only mobile phones but laptops and computers have also been used for data collection through their intelligent systems incorporated in them. Their intelligence has been used for acquiring census data, interviewing people, polling during the voting process, and many more. These factors have massively impacted other factors such as cost reduction for performing such tasks if it would have been done through manpower. 

The same thing could be done with data collection. If a system would specifically be designed for data collection it will cost hefty. The setup for the systems and software for the purpose, the user-specific training of the employees, hiring process of employees, paying for the training separately, and trafficking data among devices, all these aspects will be extremely heavy on the budget. It would be best if the existing technology could be manipulated for the purpose rather than spending on a whole new setup. 

According to the survey, mobile phones fulfill the satisfactory demands for this criteria. You know already how to use it so it doesn’t require any user-specific training. In addition, presently there are as several mobile phone subscriptions as people. As mobile phones don’t possess a high operating expenditure, they are abundantly existing and high in efficiency. That’s why they already have been used for data collection for a long time. Not only advanced, high-tech, expensive phones could be used but also basic mobile phones with networking facilities can be consumed for this purpose, Oale Mobiles Oale x2 is the one. Depending upon the context for the usage of the phone. 

The data collection doesn’t require a special integrated system to acquire data. The numbers and personal information that users provide these days conveniently at shopping malls, restaurants, beauty salons, or departmental stores for the sake of customer service feedback, is then sold to the other companies in exchange for a huge amount of money. 

The trending applications such as the one which requires dubbing of a person over a voice over or some action or the one which first asks to take your current photo and then showing you the future version of yourself precisely the older version, are the biggest types of traps other countries are setting to fetch the data of locals just to use them when the right time comes. Have you ever bothered yourself before downloading such a sort of application and using it? Have you ever seen the developing country of that application? Have you ever read the agreement application asks you before signing you up for that application? These all are the sources for them to fetch data and naive people don’t even know that. They provide all of their information by themselves. 

When you buy a smartphone with artificial intelligence or without artificial intelligence you’re knowingly signing up for giving all of your data to the internet. Even setting up a simple email account requires your current location, your phone number, your contacts, your address, and whatnot. It keeps feeding which connection you’re using while sitting wherever on the earth. You provide your workplace information, residential information, and educational information to the phone by yourself which is later saved by the internet and is known as data collection.

Additionally, you provide your social accounts to keep track of your current location by every passing time, allows them to recognize your face, and gives all of your passwords. The internet remembers the person’s facial features and the dimensions of the features and locks them in its memory. Which later it matches with every single face your phone has recognized at any part of the life to keep the data in its data bank. Even cameras are being composed with artificial intelligence nowadays which means the camera could read the text too in an image. Not just recognizing and saving faces it could now read, convert and translate the text written in an image that is captured by such a camera. Oale Mobiles are also offering models such as Oale x2 which has a built-in artificially intelligent camera. These all are the ways to collect data from the people nowadays which is common more than the process of data collection itself. 


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