Looking to Boost Up your Kratom? Use these Magic Solvents!


Kratom is known for its many medicinal benefits that provide for holistic wellness. You can consider Kratom for recovery of muscles after exercise, for mood balancing, managing anxiety levels, and also for easing chronic aches and pains. Although potent Kratom supplements can be sourced from reputed shops selling Kratom in Missouri, there are many ways to enhance the potency of the drug while preparing concoctions. We look at ways to enhance the potency of your Kratom formulation.

How can you Potentiate Your Kratom Formulation?

Grape Juice: Considered to be an excellent potentiator, this juice is used very commonly by Kratom consumers. A combination of grapefruit with Kratom powder can be consumed without having to stomach the bitter taste of the plant extract. Although the primary reason for using grape juice happens to be sweetening the concoction and keeping the motivation up for consuming Kratom on a daily basis, the actual advantage is that it can be endured for a longer period of time when consumed with grapefruit juice. 

One can also add peels of grapefruit for achieving the same results. The chemicals present in the juice impact the production of digestive enzymes thus improving the metabolism of alkaloids present in Kratom. 

Cayenne Pepper: This is an exceptionally hot pepper that can help in cleansing and detoxing the body. It enhances the potency of Kratom. The dry powder can be mixed with Cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper produces more saliva in the mouth, thus preventing mouth dryness due to Kratom consumption and also helping in digestion and supporting weight loss. It also relieves discomfort. However, although the potency of the extract is enhanced, the tolerance level for Kratom is lowered. You can simply procure good quality dry Kratom from a “Kratom shop near me” and savor a concoction with hot pepper. 

Turmeric: Turmeric, which is an ordinary Indian herb, works its magic by intensifying the strength of Kratom powder. The herb has an all-encompassing effect on the potency of Kratom by extending the impacts. 

Watercress: A plant from the lettuce family, it helps in enhancing the potency of Kratom. It contains a mineral that boosts the action of Kratom and helps in maintaining the effect for a longer period of time. 

Are Potentiators Good for Beginners 

Ideally, no! Beginners should step into the world of Kratom with meager doses of Kratom powder. Once the dose seems to settle, scaling up is advised. Going for higher doses all at once can result in going overboard. Unpleasant experiences right at the outset can reduce motivation levels for Kratom consumption. Consider, graduating from powder to capsules and perhaps you can plan to add the above the boosting agents subsequently. Kratom gummies are also a great idea for beginners. You can chew on them as and when you please. Carrying them around is easy too! 

Remember that herbal supplements like Kratom do not have FDA validation. You will need to exercise discretion before consumption. Always seek expert advice before consuming Kraton pills. Every person can actually react to the herb differently.


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