Know Someone Suffering from Cocaine Addiction? A Timely Intervention can Help!

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is not a problem concerning addictive behavior alone. It concerns multiple dangers and health risks too. Any case of cocaine-related addiction and abuse therefore must be treated with a great deal of vigilance. There is a very common misconception that a person suffering from cocaine abuse and addiction needs to hit the rock bottom level before he can actually look for an addiction hotline. People are also of the opinion that in case the addicted patient does not wish to visit a center for “drug rehab near me” himself, his drug addiction treatment is not likely to work. This however is not the case at all. 

Research Tells a Different Story 

When we dig deep into research, it has been found by the NIDA or the National Institute on Drug Abuse, that just being part of any addiction recovery program can actually bring about significant changes in managing and countering substance abuse. For instance, if a near and dear one is showing signs of violent outbursts coupled with erratic mood swings or suffering from mental illnesses owing to cocaine abuse, professional intervention is a must. 

A professional however can only be of as much or as little help as the family practically desires. Unless there is a support group surrounding the addict for providing him with the required support and help, any external intervention may not prove to be of help. The right way to begin a South Carolina drug rehab program is with a pre-intervention meeting with the loved ones and the families of the person in question. 

A meeting like this can actually help the person suffering from addiction, arrange his thoughts and emotions rightfully and generate the required focus for the addiction program and periodic plans. 

The Different Treatment Methods Available 

Once there has been a good start to the addiction recovery plan, here are some of the popular treatment methods to undertake.

  1. Motivational Interviewing: This is a very interesting method where random drug tests are conducted and negative results are rewarded with vouchers and prizes. This initiative is said to provide stupendous results. In fact, according to a published study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 54.4 % of addicts showed a marked reduction in drug usage with MI as composed to a mere 38.7% in the control group. 
  2. 12 Step Programs or Meetings: There are groups like cocaine anonymous or narcotics anonymous. These are support groups consisting of family members and members suffering from similar addiction problems. Discussions and motivational talks conducted in these meetings prove to be of major help to those battling the addiction problem. 
  3. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This is a research-based therapy that focuses between actions, behaviors, and thoughts. It provides assistance in controlling stress and is effective in preventing episodes of relapse. 
  4. Pharmacological Treatment Methods: There aren’t many drug options for dealing with cocaine dependency. There are some epilepsy drugs like topiramate that show some promise however and maybe tried in some cases. 

Problems with cocaine addiction require comprehensive help and support. Addiction recovery centers should be picked wisely too.


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