How To Install Zoom Cloud Meetings In FireStick?


Hey techies, we are back with a new blog on installing Zoom Cloud Meeting on your firestick. So if you were struggling with the installation of Zoom cloud Meetings on firestick, you landed up in the right place. 

In this world where everything is being done by gadgets, some people feel annoyed as they are not that gadget friendly. So all the grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunties,  and the one who is not so much familiar with the technologies, we are here to help you in dealing with those struggles.

So with the article now you don’t need to feel like a loser.

 We have tried our best to help you with every detail regarding the installation of the zoom cloud meeting. So without wasting further time let’s simply check out what the Zoom cloud Meeting actually is. Just grab your coffee and sit back. 

What is a Zoom cloud Meeting?

Basically, Zoom cloud meeting is a cloud-based application that lets you video conferencing, and meeting. The best part is that you don’t need to create an account for joining the meetings.

Just the host is the one that needs to sign in. Well, during the time of pandemic the application became pretty famous. As all the schools, colleges, and offices are using this Could meet for the video conferencing purpose. 

Well, there are other cloud-based video conferencing applications too but Zoom is quite famous among them. Meanwhile, there are other features too that make this application quite reliable to use. We will see those features in the next section. 

Why Zoom cloud Meeting?

Apart from just video conferencing and meeting the application is also used for data sharing. One can share the media files too with the help of this application. This simple application lets you join with 100 people at a time. 

The basic plan allows you a meeting for 40 minutes with the 100 participants at the max. And it’s pretty enough for normal uses. Also, it allows you to add up to 1000 participants at one go depending up the plan you are using. 

Well, it provides Hd video and Hd audio calling facilities. All your calls are totally secure with the end to end encryption. So we can trust the reliability of the application. Also, one can schedule their meeting.

Also, it allows recording of the video conferencing to the cloud storage or the to the local storage. So we saw some of the features of the Zoom Cloud meeting app. Now let’s jump over the installation process of the Zoom cloud meeting on your firestick.

Installing process  

Well, the Zoom cloud meeting can be easily installed on the firestick as it is available on the Amazon app store. All you need is to download the zoom app from the store. 

Well, the Zoom cloud meeting can be easily installed on the firestick as it is available on the Amazon app store. All you need is one click and there you go.

Step 1:  Simply open the home screen and click on the search icon.

Step 2: Simply now type the “Zoom Cloud meeting” or you can simply use the voice search too. 

Step 3: Now select the Zoom cloud meeting app and click on the get it.

Step 4: Well, now the downloading will start. After the app gets downloaded now you need to click on the open icon and that’s all. 

Congratulations you have downloaded the Zoom cloud Meeting on your firestick.

Sum it up 

So, we shared the steps to install the Zoom cloud meeting on the firestick. We tried our best to clear each of your doubts related to this particular topic. We also discussed the features of the Zoom cloud meeting. 

And why it should be used over other meeting apps. Well, now we think you have an idea about installing the Zoom cloud meeting app on the firestick. Hope this particular blog might be helpful for you. 

For more such tech-related blogs keep visiting our website. Share your views in the comment section and let us know if the blog was helpful for you. 

So that’s all, for now, keep visiting our website as we try to provide you with the best available information in a pretty much simpler way.              


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