How to gain more Instagram followers: reliable ways to expand your audience

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Instagram can be a highly target-oriented visual marketing platform for your brands and an opportunity for your company to create a loyal audience.

In reality, more than 500 million users of the Instagram and IGTV programme surround the app every day.

But there are the right methods, like any social network, of using your Instagram followers, mistaken ways of using it and smart ways of using it.

In this post, we will show you how to use Instagram most effectively to increase your commitment and create a huge follow-up over time—one that is full of true followers, not inactive false accounts.

Using the proper hashtags for Instagram

Your purpose on Instagram is to engage your current audience and grow your number of real followers on a regular basis. The uploading of new images will fulfil the initial requirement, but in order to start to expand, you’ll find it incredibly necessary to mark your photos. It is easy for people to identify your images looking for some particular words if your image is hashtagged.

And what hashtags are you going to use? As with Twitter and other platforms, Instagram users are using those hashtags relative to others. You are much more likely to reach new users and be noticed if you are using common Instagram hashtags inside your images.

Popular tags like those above can make you more dedicated and satisfied, but they will not lead to longer-term participation, new stakeholders, and, most importantly, sales.

You will need to identify and use the most appropriate hashtags if you want to tag your images properly. This means doing the proper research to ensure that you not only use hashtags that define your brand but are also looked for on Instagram.

You will want to use a free online platform like IconoSquare or Website in order to find relevant hashtags.

Below, I used Website in search of main hashtags closely linked to my brand of men’s accessories that can be found in an appropriate, connected and common way.

As an example, I might pull down the list of additional hashtags with the keyword numbers used in the search for the #MensFashion hashtag (popularity).

If you look for some of your target keywords in the Instagram app, you will also find more related hashtags and their popularity.

You would want to go through this exercise and test out various keywords to describe your brand and your products.

Please notice that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per message. Furthermore, common terms can change over time, so make sure that you revisit them every few months your hashtag keywords to ensure you use the best possible words.

You may also rob rivals or similar accounts of hashtags that you want to follow, however, you want to create your own community of hashtags that apply to your particular account.

This is a technique I am using with my e-commerce companies. I have been searching for the most common hashtag of Instagram across certain product categories for each product and product category of my stores. For each product category I sell, I have developed 15-20 common hashtags and a 5-10 base of popular tags, that describe the overall offer of my brand and product. Finally, I produced a list of famous local hashtags for my brand.

All these keyword hashtag classes are saved in an Evernote page. When I post a new Instagram image, optimized for the most appropriate keywords, it is thus easy and effective.

I can open my Evernote easily and copy the hashtags I use to post my regular brand, product, and location. Some scheduling tools in Instagram allow you to save the templates of your hashtags.

Use the right filters on Instagram

Hashtags in keywords are not the only thing to be cautious about. Some photo filters are better than others, and the Instagram community reacts better. The use of these favourite filters will affect your dedication.

But the favourite filters for your personal audience are more relevant than the general Instagram population. Find this customised graph that fits the use of filters for my own Instagram account:

You can check the output of your own account using IconoSquare to understand what works and does not work for you right now.

Post on Instagram at the right times

You should also consider the timing of your messages, apart from adding the necessary hashtags and using the best filters.

An overview of what has and does not work for you in the past is a goal strategy. You can obtain a comprehensive overview of your posting history vs. dedication by visiting the optimization section of IconoSquare. The best times of the day and the week will be highlighted in this article.

When you normally post media, the dark circles are indicated. When the group communicates, the light grey circles reveal. The largest light grey circles are the best time to write.

Instagram Analytics for Company Accounts also provides you with plenty of free insights under the followers section.

You should start using a social media preparation tool and publish your posts automatically when you are the most active audience.


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