Features and Benefits of NetSuite-WooCommerce Integration!


A successful business is the outcome of streamlined activities between different interconnected technologies and functionalities. A unified platform that can handle all the different business functions, while simultaneously providing detailed insights into the performance indicators brings in the competitive advantage for businesses. However, many businesses; especially small and medium-sized businesses, are hesitant to leave the legacy methods. While in reality, their success is deeply rooted in their insistence to adapt to the modern-day automated platforms.

Here in this blog, we will be looking precisely at the benefits of NetSuite ERP (the world’s #1 cloud-based ERP) integration with WooCommerce (the World’s favorite ecommerce platform).

So, without wasting much time, let’s get to our main topic and see what NetSuite ERP integration brings for WooCommerce businesses;

Benefits of Our WooCommerce NetSuite Integration Bundle

–         Lower the Management Time

Are you still syncing data manually? Well, if you haven’t automized the data syncing process, you are destined to doom soon. The WooCommerce and NetSuite integration enable the automated bi-directional flow of data; thus, giving you an omnichannel experience.

–         No External Integration Platform

By partnering with an experienced NetSuite-WooCommerce integration partner, businesses won’t have to learn or adapt to external platforms. Rather, the integration would be fully hosted and built into NetSuite, leading to higher system performance, while significantly lowering the time and expertise required to manage the system.

–         Accurate, Real-time Syncing

With the right NetSuite-WooCommerce Integration Partner, you get peace of mind by automating the data flows between the two systems in real-time. This means that you no longer need to worry about out-of-sync products, orders, customers, or inventory stocks.

Key Features of NetSuite WooCommerce Integration

–         Hosted Within NetSuite

Most experienced NetSuite-WooCommerce integration partners offer fully hosted and built-in integration connectors into NetSuite. This means that you don’t have to worry about learning a new system; saving you time, money, and hassle.

–         Categories Syncing 

With NetSuite ERP integration with WooCommerce stores, you can manage and sync categories directly within WooCommerce.

–         Syncing Products from NetSuite To WooCommerce

Leverage the real-time syncing of all NetSuite items into WooCommerce. With the NetSuite ERP integration, it’s easier to map essential product data, along with the accounting data from WooCommerce into NetSuite.

–         Bi-directional syncing of Customers

NetSuite ERP integration with WooCommerce makes it easier for ecommerce businesses to manage/create new customers. The new customers can be created through NetSuite and would be automatically synced to the platform once a purchase is made in WooCommerce.

–         Taxes Support

For online businesses, aligning taxes correctly is a serious challenge. With NetSuite integration, WooCommerce stores can directly sync the tax rates from the ERP.

–         Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are an important component that influences the conversion rates. The higher number of payment gateways instill confidence into the customers, thus leading to greater leads and sales. The NetSuite-WooCommerce integration supports all major gateways and fulfillments (gateway dependent), thus ensuring higher sales and conversion for stores.

–         Shipping Methods

With NetSuite ERP integration, WooCommerce stores get the freedom to choose any shipment method of their choice. Also, choose any plugin for shipping calculation, or table rates, or even use standard WooCommerce methods. The integration will automatically map all the WooCommerce shipping methods on the sales orders.

–         Shipment Tracking

Amazon Integration supports tracking of shipment information and sending it back to WooCommerce through fulfillment records.

–         Multi-location Support

The NetSuite-WooCommerce integration allows ecommerce stores to sync inventory stock from multiple locations. The stock levels may be combined or sent as a custom field; thus, enabling its use in a shopping cart.


Well, these are only some of the benefits and features available for WooCommerce stores through NetSuite ERP integration. However, the catch here is to choose the right integration partner. NetSuite ERP being the leader in Cloud-based ERP solutions brings in the complete suite of ERP modules meant to automate and streamline various business functions. However, businesses need to identify their needs for the NetSuite modules (accounts, finance, sales, CRM, others) to be able to exploit the full potential of the integration. Moreover, choose a NetSuite ERP integration partner that has the experience and expertise to offer you customized integration solutions for unique business needs.


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