Corsair ST100 Review – An RGB Headphone Stand? What?

Corsair ST100

Do you have some money begging to be spent? Is it true that you are hoping to purchase a bit of overrated tech that tackles a difficult that isn’t generally an issue? Amazing! Since today I’m evaluating the Corsair ST100, a stand where you can balance your earphones at the super ease of just £70. Did I notice it’s likewise a USB center point, a 7.1 DAC for your 3.5mm sound association and that it has adaptable RGB lighting? So we should survey the most paltry bit of tech I think I’ve ever covered.

To start with, the self-evident: can the ST100 hold your earphones in a satisfactory way? That’s right. I..I don’t know what you expected truly. OK, so I do really have a few reactions here, beginning with the absence of cushioning on the shelter. Without a doubt at £70 my earphones can anticipate an extravagant encounter? Also, second, the tallness between the holder and the base of the ST100 is about 23cm so you should consider that in the event that you have stout earphones or in the event that they have firm link. For instance, my Sennheiser GSP 600 scarcely fit gratitude to their stout plan and the similarly thick the link that accompanies them. Lastly, some link snares on the back is a component other, less expensive holders have and would have been incredible for cleaning up protracted links.

The construct quality is impeccable gratitude to its solid aluminum plan. The base measures and is very much weighted and has elastic holds, so except if you persuasively drag the entire thing it shouldn’t move around your work area. Given its shape and weight, the ST100 could most likely likewise serve a convenient gadget for clubbing somebody over the head. Not that I’m proposing that you use it to mug somebody to support the acquisition of a cutting edge comfort. Surely not.

Let’ return to discussing a portion of the viable highlights. On the right-hand side of the base there’s a USB 3.1 association with the goal that you can connect a thumb-drive, etc. Remember, the ST100 doesn’t have any type of mains power, so it doesn’t fill in as a decent charging point. That feels like a botched chance. What’s more, on the off chance that you’re opulent and have that extravagant jeans QI charging, at that point there are two or three other headset remains available for you..

You do get a second USB 3,1 port, which would be incredible on the off chance that it wasn’t situated on the highest point of the base, straightforwardly under your earphones. Taking a gander at Corsair’s true item photographs the thought is to utilize this port to connect the remote dongle for Corsair’s remote Void headsets. That is a flawless thought and all, however it basically restricts the genuine handiness of a large portion of the USB ports on the ST100. The HyperX Alphas (audit coming soon) that you find in the photos normally clasps its earpieces together when hanging, further restricting the value of the USB port. Eventually, I ended up stopping a remote Xbox regulator dongle into the port which assisted clean with increasing my wiring a touch. Yet, there’s not a ton of room between the dongle and the headset. I’d much rather either have the second port as an afterthought, or even add a third port as an afterthought if Corsair truly needed to stay with the one on the highest point of the base.

Effectively the coolest component of the ST100 is that is has a DAC framework incorporated into it that offers sound system and 7.1 sound through its 3.5mm port. Clearly £70 for a DAC that isn’t so much as a genuinely committed DAC isn’t a ton so significance can’t be normal, however the ST100 is entirely good. The sound system sound is sensibly definite and fresh, but substantial on the bass as a matter of course. The 7.1 sound mode endeavors to make the sensation of having encompass sound being siphoned straightforwardly into your ear-openings. The best virtual 7.1 frameworks actually experience the ill effects of some deficiency of detail in return for the feeling of scale that you get, so it’s not astonishing that the ST100 loses a lot of lucidity in 7.1. It’s not awful, however. Generally, on the off chance that you have a strong motherboard, at that point the locally available sound should be a counterpart for the ST100 and you there’s some acceptable programming out there that copies encompass sound. In the event that you have a more essential motherboard, at that point the ST100 should be an improvement, albeit not an uncommon one.

The issue the ST100 faces is that for the equivalent £70 you can get something like the Fiio E10K with (£10 to save for an essential earphone stand) that will improve employment of conveying each one of those great discharges, blasts and tire screeches to your ears.

We should wrap this up by discussing the totally futile yet regardless wonderful component: the RGB lighting, infant! It’s not mystery that I’m a sucker for multi-hued charm of RGB lighting. My goliath mouse cushion has lighting around the edges, my speakers have it, my screen has it. I love being washed in tones like a unicorn skipping through a rainbow. On the Corsair ST100 you get lighting around the base, and a Corsair logo on the earphone snare itself. It’s quite unobtrusive – the lighting around the base doesn’t drain outwards, for instance.

To mess with the lighting and you’ll require the Corsair iCue programming which is… alright. It’s not the most instinctive bit of programming to utilize, yet in the event that you’re just utilizing it for the St100, at that point you likely won’t be hopping all through it again and again. There’s a good determination of preset lighting impacts and you get a sum of 5 EQ settings out of the crate, yet you can mess with everything yourself on the off chance that you need. The base of the ST100 is shaking eight distinctive lighting zones to dabble with, in addition to the Corsair logo itself.

On the off chance that you’re contemplating whether you can utilize this with a support, at that point the appropriate response is… somewhat. Connecting it to a PS4 or Xbox One triggers the lighting, however since there’s no inbuilt memory the Corsair ST100 defaults to a rainbow design instead of the custom tones you set. You won’t get any sound from the 3.5mm jack, either, since the ST100 needs its drivers to work. It would have been extraordinary if Corsair had allowed the ST100 to st100 as a straightforward sound passthrough for use with reassures. It will, notwithstanding, go about as a USB center point.

The Corsair ST100 isn’t the sort of item I would actually suggest, accordingly. It’s sort of futile, truly, falling into a similar classification as RGB mouse mats. However there’s a conspicuous market for this sort of stuff, and I fall solidly into it. I don’t have a clue why, yet I’m attracted to RGB and I like items that join different things. The Corsair ST100 is a totally fine headset stand, an alright USB center point and an alright 7.1 DAC. It doesn’t dominate in any one region, yet it has likewise been valuable. I needn’t bother with stores of extra USB spaces, only a couple, and I needed some place to hang my earphones. So no, I can’t suggest everybody. It is senseless to. Yet, in case you’re pulled in to stuff like this as am I, I think you’ll be glad enough with it.


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