Cash For Cars – Ways To Maintain Car Value

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jd weiher r I6Y3eFrXE unsplash

Even if buying a car is a large purchase, they say that it isn’t an investment because you won’t be able get your money back; it won’t make you earn interest over time; and it depreciates fast. The only thing you can do is to sell your car in the future for a reasonable amount of money. Buy youtube subscribers with no issues today! 

Most, if not all owners, only become concerned about car values just when they’re about to sell their vehicles. They don’t know that the way to slow down the depreciation of their vehicles is to do little things over a period of time.

Taking care of your car is just like taking care of your own body or your house. If your aim is to find the best car buyers, you have to make your vehicle as attractive and appealing as it could be. Preserving your car’s value can’t be done overnight. And so you better start maintaining your ride well today to get good cash for 4WDs, sedans, vans, or compact cars that have already been used for some time.

Total Car Collections, one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, is here to provide you with top tips to preserve the value of your beloved ride.

Keep mileage to a minimum

Experts say that cars lose their value by 20% once it gets driven. But of course, cars are bought to be used, not for display. So what we can do on our end is to avoid it being overused. Like all material things, wearing it out is never good nor healthy. If it’s your only means of transportation – if it’s the one you use for work or if you use it to take your kids to school everyday, set some days wherein you can leave it to rest. And you can also consider getting rentals whenever going on long road trips. Used car buyers usually ask about the vehicle’s mileage first because it shows if the car can still be used for a number of years. Keep it regularly maintained and secure a complete record of it.

Car Maintenance Tips

Doing routine maintenance like tune-ups is a bit costly, but it will help you avoid unnecessary repairs. Should you hear unusual engine noises, have them checked and fixed immediately. Cars with records of regular maintenance have bigger chances of being sold higher and sooner. It will reflect your stewardship as the car owner. Apart from showing off a smooth running engine, it will help you make your buyer see that the vehicle is probably going to last a lot longer.

Keep it in a proper resting place.

Storing anything properly helps prevent wear and tear. So have your car parked everyday inside your garage, instead of the road in front of your house. It will help you avoid uncalled-for dirt, dents, and scratches. It will also protect your car from extreme weather conditions that can harm the car’s paint, interiors, and even the engine. When you are out, be picky in choosing your parking spots. It’s best to avoid parking spaces with trees, construction sites, overcrowded and narrow roads, and the likes.

Keep a responsible driving attitude.

Drive easy and treat your vehicle with respect. Following traffic rules and regulations not only promote safety but also proper car maintenance. Driving as if you’re in the movie: Fast and the Furious sure is exciting; but it can jeopardize you and your car’s welfare and safety. Keeping your car parts healthy and intact means avoiding sudden stops, rapid acceleration, poor parking, over-towing, and drifting, among others. Hard driving results to accelerated wear and tear.

Keep exteriors and interiors clean, always.

Regularly washing your car (the right way), waxing, and polishing keeps your car neat and beautiful always. In the long run, your car’s paint would still be as even and shiny. Should your car get some minor dents and scratches, have them fixed immediately; so as to not worsen the condition. Avoid eating and smoking inside your car. Have it vacuumed thoroughly and replace upholstery from time to time. It also goes without saying that washing your car engine and oil spraying the undercarriage are also important.

Keep it complete and dashing.

This tip can actually mean more costs for you; but then, it will definitely attract more buyers and help you sell your car at a higher value. If you prefer customizing and ‘pimping’ your ride, prioritize non-intrusive upgrades; those that do not require you to break other parts just to install them. And remember to always save the original parts, as your buyer might prefer to use them. It also wouldn’t hurt if you’d invest in an extra set of tyres, a reliable dashcam, a paint protect system, or some good AV equipment. These bonuses will help you get top dollar for your ride.


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