5 types in which London Scaffolding is offered, related problems and solutions.


Scaffolding is the assembling of separate and individual components such as wooden frames, poles and tubes etc. This temporary structure is then used by the constructionists to construct the final structure of the building. Residents of uptown will be looking for London Scaffolding services. However, what every customer needs to know is this process is subdivided into 5 types or kinds which are explained below. 

Type:1 Scaffolding for a new project construction:

This type includes designing and planning from scratch for a new project as it does not include any repairing or renovation. However, this too can come with potential problems. 

Problem/ solution 1:

Hiring for scaffolding of a new project can prove to be tough. One can come in contact with a lot of sub-contractors who will want to work on a new project and scaffolding will be a part of this new work. There will be times when one has to make changes in the structure plan and will have to ask the contractors to make them. The problem is that various constructionists will have various sketches in mind about how to handle the necessary changes and thus a conflict can arise. Discussion and clear communication are a requirement to rule out the differences. The constructionists must have collaboration skills and conversing with them in advance is a tip all customers must follow when going for scaffolding for a new project. 

Problem/ solution 2:

Once the design and sketch are approved by both the customers and the workers, the customer has to place orders for the supplies and make sure that the delivery is quick and on time. Starting a new project will include a lot of forecasting and estimates, the customer has to make sure that the suppliers stick to their rates throughout the whole project and the constructionists stick to the same amount of material which they have calculated and estimated at the start. 

Type:2 Scaffolding conversions

London scaffolding requires years of experience for this type. This includes converting a residential property to an office building or an office building to some other commercial one. 

The problem with this type of scaffolding is, work is doubled as the building has to breakdown first and then assembled again. The scaffolding company must assure the customer that the work done will be cost effective and the resulting structure will not be misaligned or having any problems. For this the customer is required to keep a bi-monthly or weekly check upon the work status to confirm if the maps have been followed by the workers. 

Type: 3 Scaffolding on residential property

This scaffolding kind involves working on a domestic project. It may be the construction, renovation of repairing of a roof of a home, or adding a garage on the backyard, constructing a new patio in the house.

Unpredictable weather can cause problems typically when a snow or a wind storm occurs. Checking if the company, a customer is dealing with, is providing safety and security with their work is necessary or if the workers are trained for taking proper safety measures when required. 

Type: 4 Scaffolding for commercial purposes

This type involves construction of a business office, building or similar structure. Because of it being a high-end project, the stakes will be high as the investment in these projects is high. 

The problem with this type is, a customer may want to start the business as quickly as possible even while the structure is still under construction. Deciding with the company and asking them to build a temporary office or a workplace at the start of the project which can be removed easily later on when the structure is being finalized, is necessary. 

Type: 5 Scaffold shoring

In this type, a temporary support is built for a building when it is to be constructed. This support is required to stop a wall from falling when the repairing or re-construction is done and one does not want to remove that wall. This saves the wall from construction. All the reliable London scaffolding companies use this term “shoring” as another word for building a support. 


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