5 Pain Management Solutions

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benjamin wedemeyer 1rdB14ttWgQ unsplash 2

One of the challenges of life that many people can’t escape is pain. It’s a part of your body’s response system which signifies that something isn’t right.

Pain is something everyone experiences many times throughout their lifetime. It can be mild, like a small injury or a severe painful health condition. Pain can also be long-term or short-term, depending on what’s causing it.

In addition, pain manifests in different ways. Here are the forms of pain you may be experiencing:

  • Acute pain: this is short-term pain that occurs due to injury or illness. It generally has an evident cause.
  • Chronic pain: this is a prolonged form of pain that develops as a result of injury, illness, or some other unknown cause. Pain is considered chronic when it persists longer than three months.
  • Emotional pain: this is psychological distress with no physical origin, even though it can be triggered by physical suffering. 

When you’re in pain, you want relief more than anything. It can be a cure or a coping strategy, but either way, your life has better quality when you find a way to manage your pain.

Take a look at these five pain management solutions:

1. Treatment

The most common way to counter pain is by seeking treatment for it. Conventional pain medications offer relief for most types of pain regardless of what’s causing it.

You have lots of options if you choose to take ordinary medicine for your pain. For both acute and chronic pain, your healthcare provider may prescribe a category of pain medications such as analgesics, opioids, or NSAIDs

For psychological suffering, you’re likely to receive antidepressants. 

2. Breathing Techniques

Pain is just as mental as it is physical. While sometimes you may not be able to control it physically, you can control how you perceive it. You need to focus on your breathing and aim to relax.

When you’re in pain, you may find yourself tensing up and having difficulty coping, especially if the pain is intense. You may begin to feel like it’s getting worse than it is because you’re stressing.

Try to shut everything out of your mind and focus on your breathing, slowing it down and creating a deep, rhythmic pattern.

If you’re wondering whether it works, remember that many patients with chronic pain have adopted breathing exercises as a solution to managing pain.

3. Staying Occupied

Staying occupied is an effective way of managing pain through distraction. The idea is to avoid dwelling on your pain and instead concentrate on the present. That is easier to do if you’re keeping yourself busy.

Work on something that gives you pleasure or demands your attention because it’ll help you forget the intensity of your pain.

4. Natural Solutions

Pain meds are not the only reliable answer for pain treatment. You can find relief through natural, non-opioid solutions.

Nature has answers for many of the problems we face, including pain. Many herbs and spices are natural pain killers such as ginger, willow bark, aloe vera, cannabis, etc.

Today, cannabis, in particular, is receiving more support due to its medicinal potential.

Since your state most likely has a medical marijuana program, it shouldn’t be difficult to get approved for a marijuana prescription. If you’re not sure whether medical marijuana is legal in your state, you can confirm that here.

5. Support Group

Isolation is one of the things that make pain seem unbearable, which is why you should try joining a support group.

Talking about it with people who share the same struggles makes you feel less isolated. The presence of people who understand what you’re going through can help you cope a lot better.

You see, a support group is not just the place for swapping sad stories. It’s a support system. Besides the usual encouragement, which is beneficial, you also get to widen your connections and share different ideas that others find useful in managing their pain.

But how do you go about finding support groups near you?

  • Ask your healthcare provider as they are likely to be more informed
  • Ask around within your circles
  • Use social media and consider online groups
  • Go through online databases 


Pain is a common problem, but it can be destabilizing when it’s severe or a constant part of your life. The good news is you have multiple pain management solutions you can try, from ordinary meds to natural remedies.



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