5 Most Common Errors in QuickBooks Software


Since the time QuickBooks came into existence, in the early 1990s, it has become the highest-rated, growing, and extremely popular accounting software for businesses of all sizes and types. The effective management of payroll, inventory, accounting, reporting and sales, and another host of aspects made it a business choice software. 

However, just like any other software, this one had room for errors, and few errors were repetitive causing severe issues to the business functioning. 

Being an excellent and versatile software, dealing with errors and removal is also provided so the user can have a good time making use of it. Don’t you worry when you get caught up with an error, you are not the only one frustrated? These errors are very common and can be prevented too.

Let’s discuss the top 5 common Errors in QuickBooks

  1. QuickBooks error code 6010 100

You are not the only one searching for a solution to get rid of this error. There are about 100000+ 

searches in Google for an answer to solve the error and use the software yet again. 6000 series errors are pretty common and also fixable if you know how to do it the right way. 

If you have caught up with this specific error you can get rid of it, by navigating to the QuickBooks company file hosting. And then, you can rename the company file by adding the “. nd” file extension.

  1. QuickBooks Error -6177, 0

As soon as you open your company file in QuickBooks, this error pops out and it is very common. The main reason why this error gets frequently encountered is that QuickBooks software does not open the company file on your computer the right way. 

It is best to open it from the computer where you have located the company file. There are about 4 different solutions provided by Intuit to get it resolved. The best solution is to move your company file to any local hard drive, so you can easily navigate and have access to it.

  1. QuickBooks error code 6000 305

This again is one very common and stubborn error and as soon as you navigate to the company file, this is an error that pops out. You will be receiving a few messages like -6000, -305, and wondering how to resolve it? Firstly, the major reason for this error is, the company file in your QuickBooks is probably damaged. If not damaged, the issue will be related to the networking setup of your QuickBooks software, so have a look at that. 

If you want to get these issues resolved in no time, the best way is to download the QuickBooks file doctor. It will be able to detect all the damaged data, so you can restore the recent backup of a company file and then restore all your data through an auto data recovery tool.

  1. QuickBooks Error 6129, 05

If you wish to create a new or an original company file, you will be required to do so in your QuickBooks online software easily. Only until you discover the error appears as 6129, 0. This type of error will also be common when you are about to open an already available file. The error message will inform you that there is a certain database connection confirmation failure that requires immediate assistance. Now, the reason for the errors is too many. 

It can be because of an Anti-virus running on your system as soon as you create a new file. Or if 

the network data files get corrupted, you might have updated your company file from the older version of the software, and so on the list of reasons will go on. There are various solutions guided by Intuit which you can follow and perform to fix the problem.

  1. QuickBooks Error 6147, 0

If you are on the verge of restoring a backup, or you’ve opened the QuickBooks file, there will be an error that appears on the screen like “Error -6147, 0” The message that might be displayed on the screen is that problem with the data file and require technical support from an agent at Intuit to get rid of the error. The reason for this problem could be many, it can be because the file in your  QuickBooks is corrupted, or you are doing the backup by using the network drive. 

Also, the name of the backup file exceeds the desired limit which is 210 characters. In such a scenario, there are various recommendations provided by the software which you can follow and get your work done in no time.

Now that you know the 5 major and most common types of errors occurring in QuickBooks, you can manage to solve them as well. Simply follow the recommendations provided by the software and the problem will be eliminated in no time.


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