3 Fun and Unique Birthday Party Ideas


Something New

Cake, balloons, video games, movies, legos, watches, power tools, vehicles, scholarships—these are some excellent birthday gifts; but aren’t you looking for something “different”? Even if a gift isn’t, perhaps, the best gift you could give, if it imparts a unique experience, it does its job.

If you’re fifty years old, you’d probably rather receive something unique, even if it isn’t tangible. Over time, we accumulate things; and eventually, once you have enough of them, you’ll find there isn’t much joy in them. Where’s the joy in a new car if you’re Jay Leno or Tim Allen?

Unless it’s some specialty model that’s unique and too valuable for anyone but a person at their level of influence to purchase, they’ll be bored. But a car that’s falling apart will make a sixteen-year-old with a new license practically swoon.

The thing is, both Jay Leno and the sixteen-year-old will be quite impressed if you throw a surprise party with close friends they legitimately did not expect. Here we’ll explore this, and several other options to consider for fun, unique birthday parties.

  1. A Twist on the Classic Surprise Party

The classic surprise birthday party takes place at the home of the birthday guest or some restaurant. You can give it a twist, though. Now, be careful here; you have to tailor the party to fit the person. Some people should never be thrown a surprise birthday party, they’ll resent it and be uncomfortable. Others are more able to “go with the flow”.

Well, what if you paid a local band an extra grand after a show to play a private performance? You can bet they’ll go for it; unless they’re some really “big” band. The surprise at the birthday party may not be a bunch of guests jumping out of closets, the surprise could be a guest.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Flowers

Another birthday party idea is to go completely floral. Have flowers from the floor to the ceiling. Here is a link to some floral arrangements that could work for the purpose. This sort of party design is ideal for the kind of individual who might be put out by a surprise party, or a guest they really didn’t expect. However, deep décor like this might resonate.

3. A Destination Birthday Party

If you’ve got a youngster in your life, maybe instead of cake and candles, you allow them to pick some friends and give them an all-expense paid day at the local “paintball ranch”, or whatever they call it where you are. All sorts of courses exist. If your youngster is a BMX enthusiast or a skateboarder, maybe take them to a famous course or park.

Planning a Birthday Party That You Remember Forever
A memorable birthday need not include exceptional expense or planning, though it could. It’s all about the birthday guest. You can do a non-traditional surprise party by letting the surprise be a guest, rather than surprising the person celebrating. Extreme décor like floor-to-ceiling flowers is also a good idea, as is a destination birthday. Be creative and have fun!


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