13 reasons why clay jensen quotes

13 reasons why clay jensen quotes 786
13 reasons why clay jensen quotes 786

Clay Jensen is one of the most beloved characters from Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. If you are a fan of this character, then our blog post is for you! In these quotes, we will discuss why he has become such an iconic figure in pop culture and what makes him so special.

In the first season, Clay is a shy and introverted high school student who does not have many friends. He spends most of his time working on photography for the yearbook or sitting with Hannah at lunch. This changes after he meets Tony in episode eight. After coming to Tony’s defense against Bryce Walker, they become close friends and this friendship helps him get out of his shell more throughout the show. In fact, one can argue that without Tony’s influence, Clay would never go on to release all those tapes as revenge towards people like Mr. Porter – something which becomes crucial in turning around what seemed like an inevitable death sentence into much-needed justice for Hannah Baker!

It’s hard to pick just thirteen quotes from Clay Jensen, but these ones really stand out.

– “Deep down I think we all want to be understood and not judged” – Clay about Hannah Baker.

– “I had no idea that it was possible for someone to hurt this much.” He says in reflection on the tapes he released after Tony’s death.

– “If you don’t have compassion then what do you have?” (to Bryce Walker)

Clay: What are you doing? You’re my best friend! Why would you take her stuff?! Let me see them! There has to be a reason why she left them behind!” Tony: She wanted us to go through them together… with our friends”

-“Hannah, I’m sorry. I wish you could’ve told me this.”

-“You know, she’s not a ghost, Clay. She’s just gone.”

– “I don’t think it was what he wanted to hear but if he cared enough about her and didn’t believe in himself then that is the truth so yeah probably worth saying” (about telling Bryce Walker how good Hannah Baker is)

– “It would be better for everybody else… It wouldn’t be as hard on them at all because they have their own lives and stuff going on instead of being dragged into mine or having something like this happen again.” Clay Jensen – This quote pertains to his decision to give up Facebook after Tony turned against him by posting videos from the party.

– “It was a weird feeling because I kinda felt like, just by telling the truth about what happened to me when she was still alive and making it public for all of those people who didn didn’t’t know know,, I I was was giving giving her her the the last last word word.”.” Clay Clay Jensen Jensen

— ” “II wanted wanted to to believe believe it it but but I I knew knew that that if if she she really really cared cared about about me me she she would would have have gotten gotten in in touch touch with with someone someone.. So So yeah yeah probably probably worth worth saying saying”.”. This This per pertainstains to to when when Hannah Hannah Baker Baker confessed confessed her her love love for for him him and and he he didn didn’t’t respond respond before before killing killing herself herself..

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